Why Livstyle

While you may have used other personality assessments in the past, Livstyle assessments give you features you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Nine distinct personality dimensions built from one set of questions. No other personality test gives you as much depth and breadth as a Livstyle assessment.
  • Learn not only your primary personality type, but also how your personality changes when under pressure.
  • Team Overlays show how you interact with others you work with. This exclusive feature is only found in Livstyle Personality Assessments, and is a powerful way to visually represent the synergies of your team.

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Knowing your own personality helps you become a better team player. Awareness of what motivates those around you makes your team stronger. Livstyle tells you all of this with one online assessment.

The Four Dimensions of Personality

Power Logo

The 'POWER Personality' is a strong individual that can easily take responsibility in a variety of settings. Others often perceive this kind of person as the obvious choice to lead; however, others may see the 'Power Personality' as overly forceful at times.

Promoter Logo

The 'PROMOTION Personality' is both flexible and spontaneous, quickly adapting to most any situation. They can talk about anything, anywhere, with or without information and tend to be a people magnet. Others, though, can view their flexibility as throwing caution to the wind.

Process Logo

The 'PROCESS Personality' is the most precise of all the personalities and likes to "get it right." They seem to have a secret rule book in the back of their mind that they live by, and want others to live by the rules as well. Coworkers may become irritated when expected to comply with their detailed expectations, though.

Peace Logo

The 'PEACE Personality' is among the most docile personalities who desire to keep the peace and have everyone get along with each other. This person hates conflict and does not want to cause problems. Their hesitancy to speak up in meetings may lead others to believe that this person is in full agreement.

Companies large and small have unlocked their potential with Livstyle Personality Portraits. Here are few testimonials from businesses just like yours.

  • I have been using the Workstyle analysis in both professional development and recruiting for several years. Workstyle has helped to provide a level of personal comfort and openness with those who have completed the assessment–especially with those who have had negative prior experiences with assessments. The dashboard has provided a great pictorial summary that has motivated most to read the detail behind it (versus other assessments that generate only a voluminous report…that often does not get read!). Many who have completed Workstyle have, later on, commented on both the accuracy and the amount of self-learning associated with the results. Many have further commented at the personal benefits they have gained from the insight and learning from WSA–professionally, relationally, martially, and emotionally.

    Matt Lesser

    Office of the CEO , Ambassador Enterprises - Fort Wayne, IN
  • Nine months ago our company implemented the use of the Workstyle assessments for hiring of all new employees. Since that time we have seen improved retention and better team chemistry as we have begun to hire people that are a good “fit” with the industry and our company culture. We are also utilizing the Workstyle tool to improve communication and work effectiveness among existing team members as they better understand how each of them are wired. Our company has experienced double-digit revenue growth the past 6 months and we believe it is due in part to being more effective in our hiring practices with Workstyle. We strongly endorse the Workstyle tool and the coaching staff as an excellent partner in developing an outstanding team in your organization.

    Steve Adams

    CEO , U.S. Retail - Muskegon, Michigan

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